Analysis by the father of American Geopolitics Dr. Daniel Fine, MIT.

The conservative-leaning John Locke Foundation    has pledged to support drilling for natural gas in North Carolina and has drawn a line in the sand against a study from Duke University’s    Nicholas School of the Environment that raised concerns about how natural gas is extracted from the ground.

Called hydrofracturing, or “fracking” for short, gas companies blast large volumes of water, sand and chemicals underground to create enough pressure to crack open hydrocarbon-rich shale and extract its embedded natural gas.

A group of Duke researchers last year published a peer-reviewed article in the academic journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that became one of the most read articles on its website. The study found elevated levels of methane in wells with drinking water close to fracking sites in Pennsylvania.

Daniel Fine, a director at the New Mexico Center for Energy Policy, spoke for about an hour at a regular John Locke Foundation meeting Monday, telling those in attendance that drilling for natural gas was indeed safe. He questioned the Duke study in part by quoting Michael L. Krancer, the secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, who called the study “statistically and technically biased” in testimony before the subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment, Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure on Nov. 16.

“There is a total rejection of that study,” Fine said Monday.

Despite Fine’s assertion, the researchers previously have addressed several of the issues that he brought up.

Fine said he and others would help “set up a response” to Duke, environmentalists and the “mass media,” which will mount an “opposition” to hydrofracking in North Carolina.

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See Dr. Fine at the John Locke Foundation —->


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