Analysis by the father of American Geopolitics Dr. Daniel Fine, MIT.

Great story for Shale Gas creation in America! Pass it on!

RALEIGH State environmental regulators say the process of extracting natural gas from underground shale deposits, known as “fracking,” can be done safely if adequate protections are in place.

That’s the conclusion the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources reached in a study released Friday that legislators last year required it conduct with the Department of Commerce.

But the study cautions that not enough is known about many environmental and economic consequences of the practice of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. And, it says, because the oil and gas industry has been able to escape some federal environmental laws that apply to other industries, the state must clearly define its regulatory authority in order to protect people from contaminated water and other risks.

Fracking proponents hailed the study as proof that fracking is safe and viable for North Carolina, where it has been prohibited by law.


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